NAIT (National Animal Identification and Tracing)

Electronic ID tags and online record management is now mandatory for all New Zealand livestock producers. NAIT tag scanners will enable you to improve the productivity and health of your animals through enhanced electronic record keeping. Ensure your operation is fully compliant with the NAIT by capturing accurate electronic data for the movement of livestock on and off your property.

Electronic ID (NAIT) management is now simple and affordable with AgriEid scanners. Easy scan NAIT electronic tag numbers to your computer via USB or Bluetooth with AgriEid software.  


As a registered PICA farmer, your key responsibilities are:

• Ensuring all the locations you manage where NAIT animals are kept are registered with NAIT.

• Tagging and registering NAIT animals (cattle and deer) under your management.

• Recording and confirming movements of NAIT animals to and from the location(s) you manage.

• Declaring on farm deaths, losses, or live exports.

• Keeping your NAIT account and contact information up-to-date.

Your NAIT number is your location identifier and links you, the PICA, to the animals you manage and the location at which they are kept.

Failure to meet NAIT obligations may result in fines or prosecution.


NAIT New User Guide here (quick guide)

How to read NAIT Cattle Tags here 

How to read NAIT Deer Tags here 

NAIT System Guide here (manual) and (quick guide) here 

How to get started with NAIT

Step 1: Create a NAIT account

Create a NAIT account Whether you have one animal or a whole herd, you need to register as a Person In Charge of Animals (PICA). You are responsible for keeping accurate records of the animals you manage in your NAIT account.

NAIT login and new user registration

Step 2: Register your Location

Register your location Register all the locations where you’re in charge of animals. You will be given a NAIT location number for each.

Step 3: Tag and Register your Animals (2 step process)

Step 1: Tag cattle and deer within 180 days of birth (about 6 months) or before their first off-farm movement – whichever comes first.

Step 2: Register your animals in your NAIT account within 7 days of being tagged or before moving them off-farm – whichever comes first.

Step 4: Record Animal Movements

Make sure all movements of animals on or off your property are recorded in NAIT within 48 hours. Both the sending and receiving farmers need to record the movement.

Exceptions: You don’t need to record movements of animals to a saleyard or meat processor. They will do this on your behalf.

Step 5: Keep your Account Up to Date

Declare any livestock death, loss or export in your NAIT account and update your details if they change. Check that information provided by anyone acting on your behalf, such as delegates or information providers, is correct and provided on time.

Exceptions: Bobby calves, fallow deer, trophy and unsafe to tag animals have different rules. For more information visit

Ensure your NAIT tags are properly affixed to the ear to ensure they are retained.

Ensure you have an NAIT scanner to accurately record stock movements on your property.


Apply tag to the RIGHT EAR only as shown in the graphics above

Livestock should have one NAIT tag only. It is illegal to remove an NAIT tag.


Links for more information:

NAIT Information Website 

Farmer Responsibilities Youtube Video 

How to Register with NAIT Guide

NAIT login and new user registration

Contact the NAIT at or 0800 482 463.